About Us

  1.              “Our Mission @ High End Detail”

With being around cars and street rods all my life, attention to detail has been my passion for clean rides.

There are some beautiful rides out there for sure 🙂

Did you love your the day you bought it??  Why not get the same feeling as the day you bought your ride? Or better??  Our goal is to make it look as close to new or better.

High End Detail LLC of Tea SD, offers Car Show Quality for your classic car,motorcycle, daily drivers and more.

Having entered my personal car ( 1986 SS Monte Carlo of 31 years ) into 50 plus judged car shows with many top awards. 90% in top 3 of all shows entered.

I give your ride, my attention to detail.

Top Quality  & Natural Products

We Truly believe you get what you pay for. We ONLY use top quality and natural products to enhance the shine inside and out.
A famous  quote “Quality is like buying oats. If you want good, clean oats, you must pay a fair price. However if you’re satisfied with oats already thru the horse – they are a little cheaper”

Everyone can appreciate this  😃

Contact Us

Visit our NEW location at 27063 Sunset Blvd # 107  in Tea, South Dakota. North on Sundowner/Airport road and west on Sunset Blvd by the new Casey’s.  Opened May 1st 2022. With 30 plus years experience. You can reach us by phone or text to schedule an appt at (507) 360-7716, or email highenddetail271@gmail.com.

My wife loves her car every time it’s washed, it gets detailed every time. Which is often ( we live on a gravel road today)